Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

Often customers don’t realize the benefits of regular maintenance, and systems go years without being tended to. They end up having higher utility bills, breathing allergens which have entered the air, and running into frequent problems with their system. By providing customers with the benefits to regular maintenance, they may be more encouraged to follow…


What Happens when an AC Leak is not Repaired?

The Impact of Undetected AC Leaks What happens when an AC leak is not repaired? The impact of undetected AC leaks can be damaging to your system and your wallet if they go unchecked. Find AC leaks before the compressor breaks or other components face premature damage.   HVAC&R Preventive Maintenance:   Regular scheduled preventive…


United Components Joins the Spectroline Family!

  HVAC Manufacturer Representatives Group Visit!  Last week, Spectronics hosted a visit with our new manufacturer representatives’ group! This included a tour of the brand new facility and introducing them to our team. Along with the tour and a delicious dinner, we received so much valuable feedback from their team that has us even more…


Tips for Avoiding & Cleaning Fluorescent Dye Spills

Fluorescent dye is a fast and efficient way to find all leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems but given the nature of the product it can be messy if handled incorrectly. Most fluorescent dye spills occur when a service port of a pressurized AC&R system charged with dye is accessed, resulting in a forcible spray of dye. Additionally, incomplete connection to the service port and/or injecting fluorescent dyes into systems with damaged or out-of-specification service ports may also result in dye spills.


The Fact Is…Not All Leak Detection Methods Are Created Equal

Leaks are often virtually impossible to find with conventional methods until they result in expensive systems failures. Spectroline fluorescent tools quickly locate the smallest and most elusive leaks, including intermittent and simultaneous multiple leaks that would otherwise be missed. The Spectroline method saves labor, money, and downtime, as it also conserves expensive fluids.