In photo: Matthew Cowley, North America Sales Accounts Manager (left) / Brian Green, Executive Vice President of Marketing & National Sales (right).

Spectroline Leak Detection Experts at HARDI Conference

Spectroline’s leak detection experts had a blast showcasing their best products for HVACR commercial and residential systems at the annual HARDI Conference in Houston, Texas! Some products showcased consist of system additives products, complete kits, lamps, and of course, ultraviolet fluorescent dyes. Spectronics showcases the various kits they have for all of your preventative maintenance…

Eliminate Acid Buildup with Acid-Buster™

Remove Acid Buildup from Air Conditioners Acid scavenging solutions can help remove acid buildup in air conditioners. The presence of acids in AC/R systems is a common cause of refrigerant leaks and burnout compressors. Acid Tests and Acid-Neutralizers are system additives that can help eliminate acidic refrigeration and stop breakdowns.   What Creates Acidic Refrigeration?…

HVAC Leak Detection Lamp From Spectroline

Find the Best HVAC/R Fluorescent Leak Detection Lamp

UV lamps or torches are the best dye companion for finding and observing leaks in AC&R systems that are normally invisible to the human eye or difficult to locate using an electronic device. Not all HVAC/R leak detection lamps are created equal and with many options on the market it can be challenging to know if you are making the right purchase.