Spectroline® Industrial products offer a wide range of solutions that can keep your operation safe and production moving forward. Using the appropriate leak detection tools will help preserve equipment quality and extend service life. Ideal for use as part of a diagnostic and preventative maintenance program.

Fluorescent Leak Detection Kits from spectroline

Complete Leak Detection Kits

All-in-One Solution for Fluid Systems

Industrial leak Detection Dyes from Spectroline

Fluorescent Dyes

OEM Grade Dyes for Fluid System Applications

SPI-LTP LeakTracker Plus from Spectroline

Leak Detection Lamps

Designed to Find All Leaks Fast

SPI-MDT Marksman from Spectroline

Marksman™ II

Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool

GLO Away Plus From Spectroline


Fluorescent Dye Cleaner

Fluorescent Dye Testing Kit

Oil Sample Test Kit

Help recommend the right products
for application use