AHR Spectronics 2020

Spectronics at 2020 AHR EXPO Featured in ACHR the NEWS Magazine

This year at AHR Expo, Spectronics brought awareness to AR-GLO® 5 (their new, brighter dye), as well as their featured leak detection kits. While speaking to North American Sales Account Manager, Matthew Cowley, he highlighted benefits of the new dye, such as AR-GLO® 5’s ability to fluoresce brighter, its greater resistance to extreme temperature ranges and moisture, and a longer shelf life.

Violet Light Application

OIL-GLO® Finds Hydraulic Leaks in Industrial Systems

Find Hydraulic Fluid Leaks Quickly and Accurately Every year, millions of gallons of hydraulic fluid are lost – leading to contaminated work areas and cost overruns. Hydraulic equipment cannot operate correctly if fluid levels are low and are not meeting manufacturers’ specifications. If hydraulic leaks persist, equipment will be at risk of mechanical failure. This inevitability…

Pinpoint Hydraulic Leaks

Hydraulic Leak Calculator

What’s the real cost of leaking hydraulic fluid? The cost of lost operational fluid can rise into tens of thousands of dollars. Fluid-based systems quickly breakdown, overheat, and fail when there isn’t enough vital, operational fluid. Think about it. When your equipment is stuck in the repair shop, it’s costing you thousands in lost operating revenue. That net revenue includes wages, permits, repair costs, lost working hours, reduced equipment service life – everything.

New IP65 Rated, Mobile Battery-Operated, LED UV-A uVision™ Inspection Lamp: The UV-365MEH

The New Standard in NDT Spectronics Corporation, the world’s foremost leader in ultraviolet fluorescent equipment, is releasing the uVision™ UV-365MEH: a mobile battery-operated, high-intensity LED UV-A inspection lamp for non-destructive testing, crime scene forensics, and more. The hallmark of the UV-365MEH is the IP65 rating – signifying the unit can be fully covered in dust…

New uVision™ 365 DELUXE Series: IP65 Rated, ASTM and Rolls-Royce Compliant UV-A LED NDT Inspection Lamp. Mobile Model Available.

  The New Standard in NDT Spectronics Corporation, the world’s foremost leader in ultraviolet fluorescent equipment, is releasing the uVision™ 365 DELUXE series, a new group of ASTM E3022-2015 and Rolls-Royce 90061 Compliant UV-A LED lamps for non-destructive testing and aerospace applications. The uVision™ 365 DELUXE series lamps are available in two models. The UV-365SBLC…

Part 1: Defining Discontinuities

  Discontinuities A discontinuity is defined as an interruption in the physical properties of an article. Discontinuities can be relatively harmless – or they can render article material defective and dangerous. Part 1 of this series investigates the origin of discontinuities and the overall classifications most discontinuities fall into. Inherent, Processing, and Service discontinuities are the…