Grocery Sanitization

Spectroline® Brings UV Sanitization to the Forefront with the CellBlaster® and the DeGERM-inator™

Public health concerns such as severe acute respiratory issues have intensified efforts to prevent infections due to airborne activity.1 With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, political leaders and business owners are taking necessary action to contain the virus and assist in further prevention. Spectronics Corporation presents two ultraviolet sanitization tools to combat the spread of airborne viruses – the CellBlaster® UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, and the DeGERM-inator™ Portable UV Sanitizer.

AHR Spectronics 2020

Spectronics at 2020 AHR EXPO Featured in ACHR the NEWS Magazine

This year at AHR Expo, Spectronics brought awareness to AR-GLO® 5 (their new, brighter dye), as well as their featured leak detection kits. While speaking to North American Sales Account Manager, Matthew Cowley, he highlighted benefits of the new dye, such as AR-GLO® 5’s ability to fluoresce brighter, its greater resistance to extreme temperature ranges and moisture, and a longer shelf life.

uVision 365

uVision 365 Lamp Series Hits the Market for Use in NDT, Forensics, and Fluorescent Inspection. IP65 Rated, Cost-Effective, and Compact.

Spectronics Corporation, the world’s foremost leader in ultraviolet fluorescent equipment, is releasing the uVision™ 365: a new series of UV-A LED lamps for non-destructive testing, crime scene forensics, and more. The hallmark of the uVision series is the coveted IP65 rating – signifying the unit can be fully covered in dust and suffer no intrusion.…

Long Island’s Growth in Exporting

For some manufacturers, exports account for nearly half of yearly sales and offer faster growth than the U.S. market. “There is greater potential in overseas markets like China, India and Latin America,” said Jon Cooper, president of Spectronics Corp. in Westbury, which makes ultraviolet lighting equipment and fluorescent dyes used to detect fluid leaks in…

Spectronics Corporation Releases New UV-A LED-Based Replacement Bulb: The VIVID™

Spectronics Corporation revealed a new addition to its array of Spectroline® fluorescent inspection solutions at the 2016 ASNT Conference this past October: The VIVID™ LED-based replacement bulb for HID (mercury-vapor based) bulbs. Attendees at this year’s conference were impressed with the VIVID™ design. With built-in aluminum heatsinks, a lower operating temperature, and a high-grade outer…