EZ-Ject™ Complete

Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit


The revolutionary way to add fluorescent dyes into air conditioning and refrigeration systems — without the use of additional refrigerant, manifold and additional hoses.

  • No pouring and no refrigerant required for injection.
  • One calibrated cartridge provides exact dosing for multiple systems.
  • Easily overcomes system pressure. Inject dye with a turn of the handle.

Where to Buy
Comparable to discontinued part # ‘s
• OPK-40EZ/E
  • SPE-HVL-CS violet light LED leak detection lamp
  • (2) SPE-EZ5E 0.5 oz (15 ml) universal/POE dye cartridges
  • RP-EZ-50 EZ-Ject™ dye injector assembly
  • RP-EZ-25 8 in (20 cm) EZ-Ject™ hose assembly
  • RP-UVS-40 Fluorescence-enhancing glasses
  • RP-GA-2 2 oz (60 ml) GLO-AWAY™ Plus dye cleaner
  • RP-AD-410A R-410a adapter/purge fitting
Spectroline EZ-Ject

Fluorescent Dye Cartridge


Fluorescent Dye Injection Kit