Introducing the New AR-GLO™ 5

fluorescent dye formulation ever
AR-GLO Family

All Fluorescent Dyes Aren't Created Equal

Only quality fluorescent dyes should go into AC&R systems. Our leak detection products are the first and only choice for HVAC/R professionals.
Fluoresces Brighter

Fluoresces Brighter

Improved Shelf Life

Improved Shelf Life

Exclusive Formula

Exclusive Patent

Improved Stability

Stability Improvement

Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Safer

Made in the USA

Innovating since 1955

Pinpoint Multiple Air Condition and Refrigeration Leaks

Universal/POE Dye

Co-Solvent Free

NSF Certified

Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit
for Small to Medium Systems
Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit
for Small to Medium Systems
AC Leak Detection Kit
for Medium to Large Systems

Fluorescent Dye Benefits and Procedures for HVAC/R

Which dyes are safe to use in my HVAC system? What kind of lamp should I use? These questions and more are answered in this guide which presents an in-depth look at a more advanced form of preventative maintenance and leak detection.

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