How Fluorescent Dyes Benefit Leak Detection Procedures in AC&R

Have you searched for a leak in an air conditioning or refrigeration system recently? Most likely you used a bubble solution. What’s this bubble solution? It’s one of the most popular methods of leak detection in the HVAC industry. It’s effective when spraying a soapy solution over a suspected surface until a bubble appears. This…


Spring Checklist

HVAC Maintenance Checklist As summer rapidly approaches, it’s time to finish up those spring cleaning checklists and prepare for the seasons heat. This means we not only have to put away our heavy coats and winter boots, but we need to ensure our customer’s A/C systems are up and running. Often customers don’t understand the…


Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

Often customers don’t realize the benefits of regular maintenance, and systems go years without being tended to. They end up having higher utility bills, breathing allergens which have entered the air, and running into frequent problems with their system. By providing customers with the benefits to regular maintenance, they may be more encouraged to follow…


Reasons For HVAC Failure

There are many factors that may lead to the failure of an HVAC unit. The most common reasons, seen in the infographic to the left, are having too much debris around the unit, improper installation, lack of maintenance, and improper sizing. Regular maintenance is an important factor which improves the functionality of a unit and…


The Fact Is…Not All Leak Detection Methods Are Created Equal

Leaks are often virtually impossible to find with conventional methods until they result in expensive systems failures. Spectroline fluorescent tools quickly locate the smallest and most elusive leaks, including intermittent and simultaneous multiple leaks that would otherwise be missed. The Spectroline method saves labor, money, and downtime, as it also conserves expensive fluids.

How Are These Two the Same?

Both are cool seals But only Spectroline’s Cool Seal™ is an economical solution for your AC&R leaks Cool Seal™ A/C Leak Sealer, the hassle-free way to seal refrigerant leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, O-rings and hoses. Now with Single-Use Stick Capsules!


Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning Bills

There are many ways to save on your air conditioning bills.  Here are some suggestions to reduce your energy costs. Upgrade to a High Efficiency System Replacing an older system with a high efficiency one can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs. Older systems operate around at 65% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). New…