Water Leak Detection Dyes

Spectronics and Chempoint Partnership

Spectronics Corporation and ChemPoint.com EMEA BV are announcing the beginning of a strategic partnership for distribution of their SPECTROLINE WATER-GLO®, the company’s premier fluorescent leak detection dye for water/water-glycol based systems. The terms of the agreement grant ChemPoint the exclusive right to distribute and market WATER-GLO in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.

What is Preventive Maintenance and Why Do It?

  Preventive Maintenance for Hydraulic Equipment Preventive maintenance is a proactive equipment and system facilities management strategy. It operates on cost/benefit premise of creating a calendar of regularly scheduled testing and upkeep Typically, testing and maintenance are performed while equipment and systems are still in good working condition. This calendar set up can be based…

Spectronics Millennials with Jon Cooper

Spectronics Corporation Implements Millenial Incentives Program

Spectronics Corporation, is featured in a Newsday story about millennial employees and how they are changing financial compensation in the workforce. Spectronics president Jon Cooper (left) highlights the company’s new employee compensation program.  Cooper says the change is aimed-in part-at attracting and keeping millenial workers.  “The decision to move away from our old (annual compensation) model came with the change in our…