CX-20 Work Station

Fluorescence Analysis Cabinet

  • Specially designed for 20 x 20cm gels and TLC plates
  • Unit is equipped with individual long wave and short wave UV tubes, including an internal white light bulb
  • Flexible, contoured eye piece with a built-in UV-absorbing window to increase fluorescent contrast and reduce eye fatigue
  • Full size CX-20 offers 8-watt tubes with standard UV intensity
  • Designed to be used with most Spectroline transilluminators
  • Internal white light: 8-watt bulb
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The CX-20 UV viewing cabinet delivers standard and high UV intensities assuring maximum UV irradiance, fluorescent contrast and peak efficiency. Designed for use with our Spectroline transilluminators, a removable bottom panel allows for additional transillumination source. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece with a built-in UV-absorbing sight glass provides comfort, safety and eliminates “blue haze” interference needed for maximum fluorescent contrast.

For convenience, this workstation features push-button wavelength selection and internal white light control. To protect samples from unwanted light exposure, all power buttons in this unit are color-coded for convenience. The CX-20 is equipped with internal 8-watt LW (365nm), SW (254nm) and white light tubes. The double-tiered soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 unit give the user easy access to the interior. The curtains and the door provide complete shielding from external light.