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Premium UV Dye + Powerful AC Sealant

2 in 1 Fluorescent Dye with Sealant Solution

Stop leaks and guard against future deterioration. 2-in-1 benefit finds and seals leaks.
Detect an Seal Leaks
  • 2-in-1 premium dye with powerful sealant
  • Pinpoint micro-leaks with our exclusive,  OEM-Grade dye formula
  • Concentrated dye ensures all leaks are found
  • Sealant repairs hidden micro-leaks leaks and stops deterioration from the inside
  • Perfect for preventative maintenance – Scan the system to reveal new leaks
  • Works for you 24/7 – Continuous leak detection and ongoing sealing

Find & Fix Immediate Leaks

Scan the system with a UV Light to find all leak areas glow brightly with GLO Seal™ concentrated dye.

Seal Difficult to Find Leaks

GLO Seal™ pinpoints the location of all internal micro-leaks. Using powerful AC Sealant.

24/7 Leak Detect + Ongoing Sealant

Have peace of mind as GLO Seal™ works for you, continual leak detection and ongoing sealing!


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Premium Dye + Sealant from Spectroline
Glo Seal UV Dye + Sealant
Premium Dye + Sealant from Spectroline
GLO Seal EZ-Ject Kit from Spectroline



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What is GLO Seal?

GLO Seal™ combines high-quality fluorescent dye with AC&R system leak sealant Cool Seal™, for a powerful and safe system additive. GLO Seal™ pinpoints the exact location of all leak areas and seals AC&R micro-leaks from the inside. One quick installation for a 2-in-1 leak solution. GLO Seal™ is a multipurpose product to “fix it or find it.”

What is the ideal use for the GLO Seal syringe method?

Our GLO Seal syringe injection method is perfect for small appliances such as mini split air conditioning systems.

How does GLO seal syringe kit differ from other similar products on the market?

Our GLO Seal kit has all the tools you need with a patented dual adapter that easily switches to 5/16’’ & 1/4‘’ fittings. Our GLO Seal has a non-polymer formula which means it is not activated by moisture or oxygen. A Non-polymer formula means that GLO Seal can remain safely in the system indefinitely. *  
*GLO Seal will remain safely in the system until the system’s host fluid is changed for service. You will need to inject the system with an additional dose of GLO Seal if the host fluid is changed.

Does this work on 410a systems? What refrigerant does it cover?

Yes, it works with all the same refrigerants that GLOSEAL in the other injection styles do, even high-pressure systems. The chemical has not changed, just the injection method. For proper use with high-pressure systems like 410a the system must be pumped down to 0 PSI and then injected. 

What is the max pressure?

For proper use with high-pressure systems like 410a, the system must be pumped down to 0 PSI and then injected. DO NOT exceed more than 40 PSI. It is tested safe within 120 PSI back pressure. 

Can air be injected into the system from the adapter?

No air is being introduced into the system. The amount of air displaced through the adapter is negligible when a system is opened for service.