GLO Seal™ UV Dye + Sealant

GLO Seal fluorescent dye + AC sealant pinpoints the exact location of all leak areas and seals AC&R micro-leaks from the inside. GLO Seal acts to prevent new leaks from developing and provides ongoing 24/7 leak detection. Safe, non-polymer oil-soluble formula, not activated by moisture or oxygen, non-flammable or hazardous, remains safely in all AC&R systems, compatible with all refrigerants, soft, pliable seal will not cause blockage, no additional fluids or particles.

Learn the GLO Seal advantage here. GLO Seal is versatile and can be used in multiple different injection methods.

Premium Dye + Sealant from Spectroline
EZ-Ject™ & Stick Injection Methods
Premium Dye + Sealant from Spectroline
Single-Use Syringe & Adapter Injection Method