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Spectroline’s surface inspection products provide the best Nondestructive solutions that can best address your needs and solve your most pressing business problems.

Expert insights on NDT surface inspection is helping experts across industries push the limits of innovation.

Non-Destructive Testing Videos

Spectroline NDT Overview

EDGE™ 13 Series UV-A LED Panel Lamps

The only overhead LED UV-A lamp to guarantee an IP65 rating, compliance and gang-ability.

NDT Compliant LED UV-A Lamps

uVision™ 365 Standard Series

The uVision™ 365 multi-LED ultraviolet fluorescent inspection lamp. Our most cost effective, compact handheld lamp available! For fluorescent inspections in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

VIVID™ UV-A LED Replacement Bulbs

Convert your mercury vapor HID lamp to modern UV-A LED technology with Spectroline® BLE-LED-100 and BLE-LED-150.