Clarity 365 UV-A LED for NDT

Spectroline® Releases the High-Quality, Long-Running, Compliant Flashlight: The CLARITY™ 365

Spectronics Corporation is proud to release the CLARITY™ 365 (SPN-CLR365): their first ASTM-compliant flashlight for non-destructive testing (NDT). Standing up to strict NDT standards, this product provides all of the top features required in an NDT flashlight. The IP68-rating means that it can withstand continuous emersion in one meter of water, making it ideal for rough environments. The 9-hour battery life is enough for a full work shift, making it the longest-running NDT flashlight on the market.

Spectroline NDT Vintage Lamp

Spectroline® Releases Economical, Handheld LED UV-A Lamp: The Vintage™ 365

Spectronics Corporation is proud to release the Vintage™ 365 (SPN-VIN365): a pistol-grip style, LED UV-A inspection lamp for non-destructive testing. The name and external design of the lamp are based on Spectroline’s “vintage” HID-bulb lamps. Although the housing of the lamp showcases a classic design, the internal hardware is comprised of modern LED UV-A technology.