Oil Sample Test Kits

Not sure how to choose the best OIL-GLO® dye, dilution ratio and Spectroline® inspection lamp for your oil application?

These kits are specially designed to collect and analyze hydraulic oil samples to assist you in selecting the right fluorescent dye and inspection lamp to meet your exact leak detection requirements! Choose from two do-it-yourself field test kits or our mail-in kit to get an expert analysis by Spectroline®.

Field Dye Dilution Ratio Kits

Test your oil samples yourself, right in the field! These two convenient kits contain everything needed to collect samples and do a fast analysis to determine the right OIL-GLO® dye, dilution ratio and Spectroline® leak detection lamp. Easy to use, mess-free and disposable! Each kit comes complete with a color chart, instructions, black evaluation plate, applicators and two 8 oz (237 ml) mixing bottles.

Dye oil color chart

Dye Selection/Oil Sample Analysis Kit




Let Spectroline® test your oil sample and provide a report with a dye, dilution ratio and lamp recommendation. Kit contains everything needed to collect the oil sample and send into us for a professional analysis.


  • Makes oil sample collection and shipping fast and easy!
  • Upon receipt, our expert chemists will test your oil sample and provide our recommendations for the best dye, dilution ratio and inspection lamp for your application.
  • Kit includes oil sample analysis form, 8 oz (237 ml) plastic sample bottle with lid, absorbent cloth, plastic bag with tie, pressure-sensitive tape, box-sealing tape, label, packing instructions and cardboard shipping box.
AK-1000 Oil Sample Kit