Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Leak Detection Products

Our leak detection products and diagnostic tools are the first and only choice for HVAC/R professionals around the world.
We offer a range of products from leak detection lamps and fluorescent dyes to A/C sealers, that get the job done!

EZ-Ject Complete Kit

Complete Leak Detection Kits
All-in-One AC&R Systems Tools


Fluorescent Dye with AC Sealant
Premium Dye and Powerful Sealant


Fluorescent Dye Cleaner
Dissolves Messy Dye Stains

Fluorescent dyes for HVAC/R Leak Detection

Fluorescent Dyes
OEM Approved dyes for AC&R Systems


A/C Leak Sealer
HVAC/R Leak Sealant

HVAC Tamper Evident Strap

Leak Detection Lamps
AC&R System Inspection Lamps


Acid Scavenging Solutions
Prevent Compressor Burnouts