UV Crosslinker


Ideal for UV sanitization of tools, devices and work surfaces in the forensic laboratory!

Features short wavelength (254 nm) tubes for precision UV irradiation. Provides highly efficient reagent decontamination, including carry-over contamination, while preserving the efficiency of hypersensitive PCR amplification of minute quantities of DNA.

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Programmable “Smart” Microprocessor Controller

  • LED-function indicator and color-coded keypad
  • Built-in “help” messages
  • Four operation modes
  • Auto Repeat function remembers last operation without reprogramming

Built-in “help” messages

  • Bulb: When UV tubes need to be replaced
  • Door open: The unit also protects users from accidental UV radiation exposure when the door is open during a run
  • End: Completion of cycle confirmed with display and audible beep
  • Remaining Time/Energy provides operation status report
  • When the operation has been interrupted. The RESET button cancels the latest settings and START button automatically resumes the current operation.


Product No. Description


Spectrolinker™, 254nm, 5 x 8 watt tubes (120V/60Hz) while supplies last


Spectrolinker™, 254nm, 6 x 15 watt tubes (120V/60Hz) while supplies last