Readmission Control

Readmission Control

The Spectroline® Readmission Control System is the proven way to track visitors and guests at public places including birthday parties, theme parks, racetracks, concerts, ballparks, fairs, theatres and similar venues, as well as voting booths, swimming pools and private clubs. This invisible ink marking method is also used in prisons worldwide to track inmates as they are moved from one location to another, and to keep track of visitors to correctional institutions.

The Spectroline system is simple, foolproof and inexpensive.

Security guards or facility personnel stamp a person’s hand with invisible ink when he or she enters or leaves an area.

When the person returns, the hand is exposed to a Spectroline ultraviolet lamp to validate that it’s stamped with the appropriated code.

If there is no glow, the individual is a trespasser!