TRF-450B for Forensics / Security


Powerful, Multiple LED, Broad-Beam Forensic Blue Light Inspection Lamp!

The TRF-450B features three high-intensity blue light (450 nm) LEDs in a broad-beam configuration. The lamp provides a wide coverage area and greater uniformity than conventional blue light inspection lamps. Ideal for crime-scene investigation, gathering potential evidence and forensic laboratory work.
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  • Rubber bumper with Borofloat® glass lens protects LEDs from damage
  • Instant-on operation allows lamp to reach full intensity immediately
  • Grip-mounted, on/off rocker switch for easy control of light source
  • Rugged, ergonomic angled lamp body provides safe, fatigue-free handling
  • Built-in fan keeps LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • Heavy-duty 8 foot (2.4 m) AC power cord
  • Includes orange contrasting spectacles and soft carrying case
TRF-450MB portable, battery-operated, AC/DC lamp kit. Includes TRITAN 450 mobile blue light lamp, rubber bumper lens protector, rechargeable NiMH battery pack, AC and DC cord sets, smart AC charger, orange contrasting spectacles and a soft, lightweight carrying case. AC charger available in 120V, 230V, 240V and 100V versions.