Ultraviolet Sanitizers and Specialty Markets

紫外線は、金型や齧歯類の汚染を検出するために農業を含む表面や製品の検査のための無数のアプリケーションで使用されています, 宝石や鉱物の検査, 芸術や骨董品の保全, スタンプや通貨を検証, 硬化用途、消毒面、衛生検査など!


Spectroline® manufactures the highest quality UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C lamps worldwide, making us the global leader in UV Sanitization, fluorescent inspection, and other UV applications. The applications below are just some of the suggested uses for our tube lamps, HID/Bulb lamps, UV quartz lamps, and our top-of-the-line LED inspection lamps!

UV Sanitizer and Specialty Products