Forensic / Security Inspection Products

Spectroline® products are easy to use, budget friendly and save significant time and effort in finding and gathering potential evidence. Countless crimes are solved with the help of ultraviolet and blue light technology. Law enforcement officials, crime laboratories and forensic professionals around the world rely on Spectroline® Ultraviolet (UV) and Blue Light inspection products for a wide array of criminal investigations and applications.

uVision handheld UV Lamp

UV and Blue Light Inspection Lamps

Handheld LED Inspection Lamps (Blue Light and UV)

LED Flashlights  (Blue Light and UV)

Battery Operated Tube Lamps (UV)

Forensics Crosslinkers
Forensics Light Source Kits

Multiple Wavelength Light Source Kits

Multi-LED Flashlight Kits

Available in 8 Discrete Wavelengths

Battery Operated and Rechargeable

Forensics-Accessories Replacement Parts

Mini UV Viewing Cabinet

Compact, Portable “Darkroom”

Examine small elements in the field!