VVS-400 Voter Verification System

Prevent Voter Fraud!

Keep The Electoral Process Honest!

  • Invisible and indelible!
  • Fluoresces a brilliant blue under Spectroline® UV lamp!
  • Does not easily wear off or disappear — even after multiple hand washings!
  • Fast, easy, safe, economical and foolproof!

VVS-400 System includes:

Spectroline® UV-4B Battery-Operated Long Wave Ultraviolet Lamp

  • Compact, lightweight and portable! Weighs only 7 oz (198 g).
  • Powered by four 1.5V standard AA size batteries (not included). Provides 4 to 6 hours of use.
  • Features anti-slip, plastic screw for trouble-free tube changing, sliding cover for easy battery replacement and a handy nylon carrying strap.


Spectroline® SP-20D Fluorescent Ink

  • Ready to use — no mixing required.
  • Jar contains invisible and indelible fluorescent ink soaked foam.
  • Glows a bright blue color when exposed to UV light.
  • Does not easily wash off. Remains effective for more than 24 hours!
  • Over 2,000 applications per jar

Easy Two-Step Process:

After the vote is cast, before exiting the voting booth, the voter inserts a finger approximately one inch through the hole in the SP-20D fluorescent ink-soaked foam.

To stop a voter from returning and attempting to fraudently cast another vote, simply perform a routine check of the voter’s finger under the Spectroline UV-4B lamp. If that person has already voted, their “inked” finger will be revealed by a telltale bright blue glow.

Step 1

Step 2

Wavelength (1) 4-watt UV-A Tube (365nm), Part No. BLE-220B
Weight 7 ounces (198g)
Features Self-filtered, long-wave tube

BLE-220BTube, 365nm, 4 Watt BLB

SP-20D.pdf (31.5 KB)