• For fast non-destructive detection of particulate matter as small as 10 microns
  • Efficiently detects contamination early in manufacturing, saving valuable production time and unnecessary expense
  • The 100-watt bulb emits strong mercury lines at 546, 577 and 579nm
  • A special yellow filter blocks the emission of wavelengths shorter than 500nm, protecting against activation of the photoresist
  • Equipped with your choice of two bulbs, each with a rated life of 5,000 hours: the spot bulb provides a concentrated beam of light, while the flood produces a broader, lower-intensity beam
  • Unique impact-resistant and dent-proof housing made of a super-tough engineering polymer
  • Flexible silicone rubber filter lens holder allows quick and easy bulb replacement without tools!
Where to Buy

The lamp comes with 100-watt bulb, 8-ft primary cord and 8-ft secondary cord.

100S Spot Bulb, Ad-Medium Base, 100 Watt
100S/M Spot Bulb, Medium Base, 100 Watt
100S/M-PQL Upgraded, Premium Quality Lighting Spot Bulb, Medium Base, 100 Watt
2F475Y Yellow Filter