OEM Custom Quartz Lamps

OEM Quartz Pencil Lamps

Custom Double Bore Quartz Lamps for OEM Applications

In addition to Spectronics Corporation’s portfolio of standard Spectroline® Miniature UV Quartz Pencil Lamps, a selection of options to design quartz light sources to your specific OEM requirements is available.

Simply contact us with your technical questions and specifications by filling out the Request for OEM Double Bore Quartz Lamp Form with the appropriate information online.

You can also download a PDF of the form, fill it out and fax it to Limin Chen at 516-997-6884, or e-mail the form as an attachment to lchen@spectroline.com. We will provide an evaluation report along with a quote of estimated pricing.

Lamp Construction

Pencil lamps, named for their miniature size and shape, are made of double bore fused quartz tubing with two electrodes at one end, sealed into an insulating handle and enclosed in glass sleeve.

This double bore design with a center partition establishes an arc of UV energy starting at one electrode and ending at the other, thus offering low-pressure, cold cathode, mercury vapor discharge lamps with cool burning performance.

Depending on the phosphors used, pencil lamps produce narrow, intense lines from the excitation of mercury vapors. Differences in spectral output allow for various applications and experimental conditions.

Spectronics Corporation, manufacturer of single and double bore quartz lamp products since 1960, offers quartz lamps with customized physical, electrical and UV radiation requirements per specific requests of our customers.

Our engineering team combines design and manufacturing expertise with operational testing of theoretical applications to recommend the best OEM products for your needs.

Let us assist you with your designs or applications. Contact us

Our Capabilities

Ozone producing or ozone-free Appropriate shields for controlling UV emission
Variable lighted lengths and diameters
Intensity-maximizing orientation collars
Phosphors and filters to enhance specific UV wavelengths
Optional reflectors and support components
Custom handle configurations
Electronic/magnetic, AC or DC power supplies and various voltages
Various cord lengths with selective connectors
Technical testing on our proposed products or on your lamp drawing specifications