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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision

To develop innovative technologies that make the world better.


Our Mission

Spectronics Corporation’s mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design and manufacturing. By fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, talented and energetic employees, we maximize our ability to provide innovative and cutting-edge technologies to our global customer base.


Our Values

Customer Focus.  Work hard to make sure that every customer is a satisfied customer. The best way to exceed our customers’ expectations is to listen carefully to their needs.

Employee Focus.  Empower our employees to maximize their potential. Highly motivated employees are more creative and productive. 

Quality.  Focus on quality to drive our success. We always strive for excellence in all that we do.

Respect.  Foster respect and cooperation. We embrace diversity and welcome different ideas.

Teamwork.  Work together as a team to overcome challenges and surpass our goals. Sharing a common vision makes us stronger and helps us accomplish great things.

Continuous Improvement.  Always push ourselves to do things better. No matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement.

Accountability.  Take pride in doing what is right and ethical. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen.