Repair, Service and Recalibration

Spectronics Repair Department


To send a product to us for repair, service, trade-in or recalibration, you must first obtain a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) using the steps below. Please do not ship any products until we provide you with an RMA#.

Shipments will not be accepted without an RMA#.


Step 1:

Contact us using one of the following methods, providing as much detail as possible:

  • Via the Calibration Request Form on this page (this is the preferred method)
  • Via Phone: +1 800-274-8888 (toll-free, USA and Canada only) or +1 516-333-4840 (toll)


Step 2:

Your request will be processed and an RMA# will be issued to you via e-mail along with instructions for returning the item(s) for calibration.

NOTES: Calibration Charges: You will receive a quote for calibration at the time an RMA number is issued.


Standard recalibration intervals are 1 year. Please specify if a 6 month interval is desired. The only exceptions are the DM-365X, DM-254X/DM-254XA, DM-450X/DM-450XA, and DSE-2000 meters, which have a 6 month recalibration interval, unless a 1 year interval is requested.

Please complete the fields below as specifically as possible. This will help to ensure the fastest and most accurate response possible.

Once you put a calibration code into the meter, it unlocks the meter to perform ALL calibrations, so you can continually go back to the calibration operation until you have completed ALL the functions.  Once you turn off the meter, only then is meter returned to a locked mode.

For example: When you complete the calibration of the VIS (visible wavelength), you will be redirected to the Main Menu.  HOWEVER, the calibration for other wavelength settings can still continue.

To calibrate in another wavelength (such as UVA), simply go back into the calibration mode and then you can complete the UVA calibration portion.