E-Series for Specialty

  • Choice of 4-, 5- , 6- and 8-watt models
  • Available in single-wavelength (UV-A or UV-C) or dual-wavelength designs, including white light
  • Short wave UV-C lamps are ideal for RUVIS
  • Integrally filtered tubes or external filter assemblies
  • Durable, silver-anodized aluminum housings
  • Convenient carrying handles


Available in 120V, 230V, 240V and 100V versions

E Series Lamps
2F001Filter Assembly for 4 Watt EF- & ENF- Series Lamps
2F003Filter Assembly for EN-140L
2F005Filter Assembly for EN-160L
2F006Filter Assembly for 254nm and 312nm 6 Watt Lamps
2F018Filter Assembly for 254nm and 312nm 8 Watt Lamps
2F082Filter Assembly for 365nm 8 Watt Lamps
BLE-1T230Tube, White Light, 8 Watt
BLE-220BTube, 365nm, 4 Watt BLB
BLE-2537STube, 254nm, 4 Watt
BLE-270WTube, 365nm, 4 Watt BL
BLE-480BTube, 365nm, 6 Watt BLB
BLE-5T365BTube, 365nm, 5 Watt BLB
BLE-6254STube, 254nm, 6 Watt
BLE-6T302Tube, 302nm, 6 Watt
BLE-6T312Tube, 312nm, 6 Watt
BLE-6T365Tube, 365nm, 6 Watt BL
BLE-760BTube, 365nm, 8 Watt BLB
BLE-8T254Tube, 254nm, 8 Watt
BLE-8T302Tube, 302nm, 8 Watt
BLE-8T312Tube, 312nm, 8 Watt
BLE-8T365Tube, 365nm, 8 Watt BL
CH-180Carrying Handle
SE-140Lamp Stand
Part NumberWavelength(s)Number of Tubes/Wattage
(1) 4 Watt, Integrally Filtered
EA-150365nm(1) 5 Watt, Integrally Filtered
EA-160365nm(1) 6 Watt, Integrally Filtered
EA-180365nm(1) 8 Watt, Integrally Filtered
EA-240365nm(2) 4 Watt, Integrally Filtered
EF-140C254nm(1) 4 Watt with Filter Assembly
EF-160C254nm(1) 6 Watt with Filter Assembly
EF-180C254nm(1) 8 Watt with Filter Assembly
EF-260C254nm(2) 6 Watt with Filter Assembly
EF-280C254nm(2) 8 Watt with Filter Assembly
(1) 4 Watt
(1) 4 Watt with Filter Assembly
(1) 6 Watt
(1) 6 Watt with Filter Assembly
(1) 8 Watt
(1) 8 Watt with Filter Assembly