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MS-250 MoneyScanner®

Counterfeit Currency Detector for Re-Designed U.S. Currency


Instantly shows if new, re-designed U.S. currency bills are genuine or counterfeit by their fluorescent glow.

MoneyScanner® model MS-250 viewers are used by U.S. Government Agencies, Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Banks and thousands of banks and retailers worldwide.

Available in both 115-volt and 230-volt. Wattage=10 watts (Two BLE-5T365B UV-A tubes).

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All re-designed U.S. Currency must contain a security thread that glows under the MoneyScanner as follows:


NOTE: Old U.S. counterfeit currency is revealed by UV light because most counterfeit bills are printed on paper containing optical bleach which fluoresces blue/white. Any old currency bill that glows under UV light should be considered suspect.

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To order your MS-250 unit please contact Linda Roehrig at
1-800-274-8888 or 1-516-333-4840 extension 777